Sustainable Gifting is Not a Fad

Sustainable Gifting is Not a Fad

The holiday season has almost arrived and before anyone realises, most people will start their shopping spree to look for some mindful gifting options. While gift-shopping is a joyous mix of creativity and fun experience with loads of future memories, it also contains some stressful moments - all wrapped with the dilemma of choosing the best option for your loved ones!

Recently, many have shifted from choosing high-value luxurious items to more customised and impactful options for gifting purposes. Though some think that this is merely a trend, more people seem to be getting conscious and making a concious effort as it also makes the receivers feel appreciated and loved on receiving something unique and thoughtful.

A step ahead from the latter category are gifters who not only think of the receivers, but also care for the environment while purchasing presents. These people consciously opt for sustainable gifting regardless of the occasion, and put their special efforts in choosing the best for both the receiver and the environment.

You might wonder what is ‘Sustainable Gifting’ and is this just a new fad in the market!

Well, sustainable gifting aims to minimise the use of non-biodegradable resources while using only natural, reusable or eco-friendly products that have lesser or no harmful impact on the environment. This practice is definitely more than a mere fad as more and more consumers can be now seen looking for purchases ranging from eco-friendly home care products, organic food items, cruelty-free beauty products, reusable utility items etc.

We can notice a clear penetration in these markets with a steep increase in orders from cities including tier II and III. However, keeping aside the rising demand and public craze of sustainable choices, it is important for us to realise that our planet needs sustainability more than ever in today’s date and sustainable gifting helps make a real difference in society by reducing waste and embracing an eco-friendly lifestyle. This practice also helps in supporting artisans, paying all workers fairly and giving back to the society in a positive manner.

When talking about sustainable gifting, there are endless options available on the internet that are cool, useful, and sustainable together. For example, while choosing your customised basket of gift for your loved one, you can fill it up with organic products instead of plastic items or maybe, you can replace your paraffin candles with natural incense sticks, plastic coasters with natural wood coasters, processed chocolate bars with organic hand-made choco bars, and no matter what. You can also go for gifting cruelty-free clothing items instead of polyester clothes and choose vegan bags instead of leather ones - the list is truly endless!

It’s high time we all step into the trend of sustainable gifting if we still haven’t, and celebrate our festivities without any guilt. The choice of sustainable gifting will not only benefit the environment, it will also help us make a strong statement about our beliefs and establish similar values for our generations to come.

This season, switch to gifting with love in your heart, and planet in your mind. Switch for sustainable gifting.

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